Tbilisi Architecture Biennial / Swimming pool project

Hundred tapes is presenting 2nd Mixtape of rare and almost forgotten cassette tape music for Swimming pool project opening, streamed by Mutant Radio. The project is focused on converting an abandoned swimming pool to the public attraction point in a form of multifunctional open-air stage. It will be used for musical, theatre, cinema or educational…

Black Austra

“The banal men’s view of a woman – the first and only parts what he sees.” video: EMĪLS LINGAdancer: AUSTRA STUPELEmake up: IEVA GRĪNBERGAspecial effects: MĀRIS MĪLGRĀVISmusic: TETE NOISE – ZEBRA BLOSSOM © emilslinga.lv© tetenoise.comJura Podnieka Studija

Spiral Path

“Spiral Path” – Various Artists release from Iranian label Coolkidz including my track “Becausse I Can”, brings fifteen different artists from all around the world together to show their passion in music and art . اولین واریوس ارتیست لیبل کول کیدز به همراهی پانزده ارتیست از تمامی پلتفرم های موسیقی منتشر شد .‌لینک در بیو…


Audiosphere – Sound Experimentation 1980-2020 Proud to announce that my track “Invisible Monsters” (Syrphe.com) was included in a selection of hundreds of sound works for Audiosphere. Sound Experimentation 1980-2020 looks to cover an historical and cultural void in terms of the recognition, exhibition and analysis of a key part of the recent changes that have…

Session leftovers

Session leftovers, noise collage from recordings and studio leftover sounds from production sessions.Download free from my sound archive: freesound.org/people/TeTeNoiseWould be super nice if you mail me a link in case you use it. check out videos:


Check out these videos from Nika Machaidze and Medea Bakradze. The album “Hunters” was released in 2012. In 2013 Hunter (Dream #1) was entitled as “Video of the year” by “Electronauts” – Annual Awards for Electronic Arts, Music and Innovative Pop Culture