Upcoming events :
29th of July AqTushetii fest. Tusheti, Georgia
30th of July AqTushetii fest. Tusheti, Georgia
3rd of August Gem fest. Anaklia, Georgia
4th of August Gem fest. Anaklia, Georgia

Live @ AlpFest  Juta, Georgia 8th of July


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◣◣ 15 May
Tete Noise and Georgian String Quartet / Tbilisi Circus
◣◣ 16 May
Alva Noto / Rustavi National Theatre
◣◣ 17 May 
Grischa Lichtenberger / Khorava Artist’s House
◣◣ 19 May
William Basinski / Garden Hall
◣◣ 20 May
Rezo Glonti (with Levan Tskhadadze & Malika Maminova)
Rustaveli National Theatre, Small Stage
◣◣ 21 May
Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek / Khorava Artist’s House
◣◣ 22 May
Christopher Tinor / Royal District Theatre
◣◣ 24 May
Ryo Murakami / Sarajishvili Factory
◣◣ 26 May
Natalie Beridze – Mondrian Ensemble / Akhmeteli Theatre
◣◣ 28 May
Nika Machaidze / The National Palace of Youth – Mirror Hall
◣◣ 29 May
Lawrence English / Garden Hall
◣◣ 30 May
Shobaleader One / Event Hall
◣◣ 31 May
Frank Vigroux and Antoine Schmitt / Rustaveli National Theatre, Main Stage
◣◣ 1 June
Jacob Kirkegaard / Akhmeteli Theatre
◣◣ 2 June
Rondane Kwartet, “Canto Ostinato” – Simeon Ten Holt / Djansug Kakhidze Tbilisi Center for Music and Culture
◣◣ 3 June
Ensemble Modern – “Music for 18 Musicians” – Steve Reich
Djansug Kakhidze Tbilisi Center for Music and Culture
◣◣ 7 June 
Sacred Horror In Design – Royal District Theatre
◣◣ 13 June
Dawn Of Midi / Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Main Auditorium
◣◣ 17 June
Zeena Parkins / Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Main Auditorium
◣◣ 21 June 
Robert Henke / Tbilisi Concert Hall
◣◣ 22 June 
Raster Noton – “White Circle”
Second Pavilion of Georgian Public Broadcaster / Presented by Propaganda
◣◣ 25 June
Gio Sumbadze / M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics,
Department of Atmospheric Physics / Presented by Propaganda
◣◣ 27 June 
Stephan O’Malley / Royal District Opera
◣◣ 28 June
Xylouris White / Nodar Dumbadze Theatre
◣◣ 29 June 
Brian Eno / The National Gallery of Georgia
◣◣ 5 July
Hatsune Miku, Keiichiro Shibuya / State Opera House of Georgia

Technical card :
Imaging telescope or lens: TS APO80
Imaging camera: QSI 660wsg-8
Mount: Orion HDX110 EQ-G
Guiding camera: Starlight Xpress Loadestar X2
Focal reducer: Astro-Physics CCDT67 – 0.67x Reducer
Software: Cyanogen Maxim DL 6 Pro, Pixinsight 1.8
Filters: Astrodon OIII 3nm, Ha 5nm
Resolution: 2713×2147
Dates: Aug. 15, 2015
Frames: 24×900″
Integration: 6.0 hours
Avg. Moon age: 0.34 days
Avg. Moon phase: 0.13%
Astrometry.net job: 970604
RA center: 311.973 degrees
DEC center: 30.949 degrees
Pixel scale: 2.915 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: 49.213 degrees
Field radius: 1.401 degrees
Locations: Home observatory, Tbilisi, Georgia
by David Dvali

MS20 mini, rythm woolf, microsynth, DD-3 and field recordings from night forest Kakheti, Georgia

Upcoming Events:
28th April Mox – ვირტუალური რეალობა
15th May SOU 2017 – another sea / სხვა ზღვა



“Artificial Frequencies For Daydreamers”


@ 11TH  28.02.2017

25th February 20:00 @ Spacehall KVB/TeTeNoise/VazhMarr/Kozman
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13 January SIT DOWN | დაჯექით”  @  Yucatan Extensión  Vilnius, Lithuania


27th December @ Dedaeni Garden Tbilisi, Georgia
30th December @ Yucatan Extensión / “Hyperbolic Paraboloids” Vilnius, Lithuania

Comboact Live (video by Gigi Berdzenishvili)

“Alterecho” by TeTe Noise

7th December Tbilisi Event Hall 20:00
Charity Concert to support Rati Gomarteli
please come we need your help !!!
we will perform our “Sound Improvisation”
we are TeTe Noise, Vazhamarr and Ben Wheeler.
Thank you

Music For Rati










“Primitiva” by TeTe Noise



New Track/Video “Lost In Thoughts”


“Zebra Blossom”  Buy full album  <—

Advert. for GEM fest Anaklia (Samegrelo) music by TeTe Noise & Vazhmarr

Photo by Andro Eradze

Photo by Andro Eradze

Gadi Gadi” took a “Best Video” title at “Electronauts

Live set from “Close Encounters” (Free Download)

Buy “Zebra Blossom” (Full Album)