Diafilmi (fairy tale)

“Diafilmi” is a filmstrip of old Georgian fairy tale called “Mamatsi Vazha” which means brave Vazha and it tells a story about young fellow called Vazha whose beloved wife was stolen by a dragon. I’ve filmed it from wall and made it with subtitles in english so that you could read whole story and enjoy nice […]

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Audio Time Layers

“Audio Time Layers” is collage of recorded noises spread around Art Villa Garikula during the preparation of contemporary art festival “Fest i Nova G-15”. Working process on different projects/installations created noises which can be considered as their part as a whole. The artwork stays but its noises are lost forever. My aim was to record […]

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Very Soon

50 minute tape very soon … I will update with more detailed info as soon as possible. For now you can enjoy this little Piece called “Erti Ori Sami” means One two Three. Video has been shot by Analord Zoloft around Samegrelo waterfalls, Georgia.  

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Tombs Of The Radiance

“Tombs Of The Radiance” is a live recording with me myself and Irakli Abramishvili. Cover Photo: Failed launch of a Russian rocket, probably a Bulava ICBM seen and shoot from Tbilisi, Georgia 2009 by Analord Zoloft.

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“TESTS” is video album made in winter of 2015. if you haven’t heard it before go for it.

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