Benzilina … It is a 5:51 min track taken from 45 min live set that  me Myself and my good friend Ben Wheeler from Seattle we recorded at my home studio in ‎2016. But really what Benzilina is … it’s just an old soviet game that i have remembered inadvertently just before i click the “save” button […]

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Small Parts

Track: Part One Album: Small Parts Video: Saba Shengelia Track: Part Four Album: Small Parts Video: Dmitry Gomberg “Small parts” is my first ambient/experimental album that i’ve recorded with the project “TeTe Noise”,  it was recorded and mastered in “Georgian Movie Studio” six years ago. After some time it was released (digital & cassette tape) at […]

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Diafilmi (fairy tale)

“Diafilmi” is a filmstrip of old Georgian fairy tale called “Mamatsi Vazha” which means brave Vazha and it tells a story about young fellow called Vazha whose beloved wife was stolen by a dragon. I’ve filmed it from wall and made it with subtitles in english so that you could read whole story and enjoy nice […]

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Audio Time Layers

“Audio Time Layers” is collage of recorded noises spread around Art Villa Garikula during the preparation of contemporary art festival “Fest i Nova G-15”. Working process on different projects/installations created noises which can be considered as their part as a whole. The artwork stays but its noises are lost forever. My aim was to record […]

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