Sea of Tranquility

This tape contains string and wind instruments which accompanies tape loops and field recordings. Tracks on side A are named after moon craters, the seas of Serenity, Knowledge and Tranquility are the craters where Apollo 11 and 12 was landed and so would Apollo 13 if it wouldn’t fail at launch.

Side A is recorded with Elfa 332, Dynacord and Pioneer CT-W
Side B is recorded with Tascam DR40-x and Panasonic RN102

Field recordings:
Side A
Stratosphere at approx. 45000m
Flies on shit (Tusheti, Georgia)
Port (Poti, Georgia)

Side B
Underground station (Rustaveli, Tbilisi)
Stratosphere approx. (8000m-45000m)

Field recording of stratosphere is done with Tascam DR40-x approx.
45000 meters up under the framework of the project “Exhibition in space”.

released December 21, 2020 (GRFTPS004)

composed & edited by Tete Noise / Sandro Chinchaladze
cover photo by Kety Mangoshvili
design and layout by Oleksandr Demianenko

Limited edition cassette tape
duplicated in real time by ‘new motion’.
silver cassette tape in white/transparency box.
5 panel J-cards with analogue artwork
loaded Super Ferro music grade tape.
hand numbered + small bonus item inside*
price: cassette tape 10$ / digital album 4$ (or more) / + all streaming platforms

Video credits for “Stratosphere [part II]”: Shot under the framework of the project “Exhibition in space” by Sandro Chinchaladze, Tornike Mzarelua, Romanoz, Tornike Rakviashvili and Lisa Glonti. Editing by Oleksandr Demianenko.

Live from studio [14.12.2020]

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