The Soundtrack of Tbilisi


The Soundtrack of Tbilisi is a compilation LP with brand new and young music from Tbilisi. Independent musicians from a variety of genres have provided a selection of their best songs for this album, creating a colorful and authentic capital city sound.

The A-side, and thus the ground floor of this elevator music album, is opened by experimental musician TeTe Noise and his younger buddy VAZHMARR with the intro song Daisi. With Ara and the funny love song Irma we travel one floor up. This is followed by the only country musician of Georgia (Shota Adamashvili) with his band Windshield, the Georgian women’s choir Ialoni with a traditional polyphonic vocal piece and the funky old-school hip hop crew MokuMoku. On the sixth floor, Georgia’s Newcomer Award winner Lua has a world premiere: Hello Yellow Lady Sun.

The B-Side begins with Indie Rock by Bedford Falls and their hit Thrill is Gone. Next is a change of style: new school hip hop by Creams and skater boy DRO in collaboration with kordz. The Ezos yell their acoustic punk song Bebia from the tenth-floor balcony and the indie rock musician Levan Shanshiashvili aka Kid Jesus completes the record smoothly and takes the old Soviet elevator back to the ground floor.


A01: TeTe Noise / VAZHMARR – დაისი (Daisi)
A02: არა (Ara) – ირმა (Irma)
A03: Windshield – America in my Heart
A04: იალონი (Ialoni) – პატარა წვიმა (Patara Zvima)
A05: MokuMoku – Sugar Glider
A06: Lua – Hello Yellow Lady Sun

B01: Bedford Falls – Thrill is Gone
B02: Creams – SLEEP ON ME
B03: DRO x kordz – Rita
B04: Ezos – ბებია (Bebia)
B05: Kid Jesus – Sweetheart


The album is released in a very limited edition and only 100 copies are available for free sale.
It can be currently be purchased in the two branches of Dodo Beach Records in Berlin and in the Vinyl Salon Kiel. Both shops also offer international shipping.

Review by “Georgia Today“:

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