The Mother Tongue

multimedia installation, soundscape, printed fabrics/canvas, video projection/loop

We talk about the personal myth existing in each of us whether we realize it or not. The roots of this myth grow from our true nature and this is a hidden, irrational animal side that cannot be easily accepted by a contemporary human being living in an urban environment.
We talk about a personal part of the general myth, which irrevocably connects us to our nature. Clear evidence of this connection can scare us, appearing in the archetypical fears of many adults. We disown this evidence, but they stay unacknowledged, though they are a part of us. We need to discuss accepting the existence of this myth and the possibility of personal confluence with it that survives only in rare pagan mythological rituals. But we want it in reality; every person bears a personal myth of this type. The myth develops and evolves; this is unavoidable and continuous.

Our goal is to find this intense moment of clarity:
– the moment of acceptance of this nature as a part of ourselves.
– the moment of discovering in ourselves the mythological beast, and the reunion with the general myth and with its united composition and its rhythm.
– the moment that develops like an image on film, the personal myth on the surface of everyday life.
It is the moment of the meeting and understanding of a hidden layer of our reality, in which myth becomes the
truth of now, where daily and mythological worlds galvanize with each other. Then we can take possession of the
interaction with our own life on its different levels.


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