Spiral Path

“Spiral Path” – Various Artists release from Iranian label Coolkidz including my track “Becausse I Can”, brings fifteen different artists from all around the world together to show their passion in music and art .

اولین واریوس ارتیست لیبل کول کیدز به همراهی پانزده ارتیست از تمامی پلتفرم های موسیقی منتشر شد .‌لینک در بیو

Full album: beatport.com/release/spiral-path/3140055

Distribution & Promo by Move Music Distribution

TeTe Noise - Because I Can
DSM - Probability of Acid Rain
Fallz - Unsettled

Farbodarwish - Behind the Kitchen
Hamoon & AmirAlee - Ascension
HDT67 - Dark Woman
Jens Mueller - 20Xf02
Kevin Borges - Iratus
Kudd - Mikrob
Ladan Abedini - Scopolamine
Nima Sarshar - Secret of Sleepers
Paya - Sands of Time
RB - Heavy
Therian Shifter - Entites Abstraites


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