2015 in the night of 13 to 14 June there was a terrible flood in Tbilisi, 24 people reported missing and the Tbilisi Zoo lost more than 300 animals on that terrible night. This video is shot in the Tbilisi Zoo territory, where my father use to take me when I was kid. In a way it was terrible to see Zoo like this but in another hand I had this important massage to deliver that there are some alive animals left in this zoo. So I recorded the sounds of the zoo together with it’s inhabitants and played a noise collage just in front of the entrance of the Zoo.
As you can see from the video, not many people stopped by to listen, but it was totally worth it.
Read more about Λudio Photography and Noise Memory concept here

Noise and memory – An experiment by Tete Noise at former Tbilisi Zoo territory

Watch full version with Irma Shariqadze and Baza
Transmission” is a product of Georgian Public Broadcaster

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