Crossing into the Electric Magnetic vol. 2

Crossing into the Electric Magnetic vol. 2 – is an intensive week-long workshop in experimental electronic music production and practice. Combining theoretical, technical, conceptual, hands-on, and unorthodox exercises and methods, mentors Tornike Gvelesiani, Tornike Karchkha, Sandro Chinchaladze (TeTe Noise) and Scott McCulloch will guide the week with a comprehensive module for sound makers and enthusiasts at any stage, working in both digital and analogue formats.

The workshop will explore sound recording theory, MAX programming, field recording, basic mixing & mastering, deep listening, and tape collage (tape loop cutting / reel-to-reel manipulation / musique concrete).

Each participant will also make a sound diary of their Deep Listening retreats to various places in the unique soundscapes of Tusheti. In the final session, participants are required to present a finished or unfinished composition that explores the approaches and techniques investigated throughout the week. This will culminate in a collaborative release (either cassette, CDR or digital) of the sounds made on site.

Workshop is free for resident artists already staying at AqTushetii Festival (Omalo, Tusheti), and for visitors staying in Omalo who fund their own transport, accommodation and catering.

To participate send an email:
facebook event:

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