Crossing into the Electric Magnetic

Conducted by experimental musicians Sandro Chinchaladze (Tete Noise) and Scott McCulloch, Crossing into the Electric Magnetic is a 6 day intensive workshop combining lectures, field trips and hands-on exercises. Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening theory provides a foundational guide to introduce a select handful of methods for experimental music composition. We will facilitate listening retreats and field recording excursions to various places in the unique land-/soundscapes of Tusheti. This will be complemented by masterclasses in cassette and reel-to-reel manipulation: tape-loop cutting, collage, and musique concrete. In the final session each participant is required to present a composition that explores the approaches investigated throughout the week. This will culminate in a collaborative release (either cassette, CDR or digital) of the sounds made on site.

Total cost per student: 600GEL. This all-in payment covers tuition; transport from Tbilisi to Omalo and back; 7 nights accommodation, lunch and dinner; and a day tour to Dartlo and Diklo.

6 X (approx.) 3 hour workshops, daily. The 6th and final workshop is an omnibus live performance.

Students are required to bring:
– any recording device either digital or analogue (not iPhone or smartphone),
– junk cassettes you are willing to destroy,
– scissors and sticky-tape,
– a laptop or device with audio editing software (any) OR an analogue means of editing sound.
Please feel free to contact Sandro or Scott with any
questions: /

If you are interested in participating, please complete  the form @


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