Diafilmi (fairy tale)

“Diafilmi” is a filmstrip of old Georgian fairy tale called “Mamatsi Vazha” which means brave Vazha and it tells a story about young fellow called Vazha whose beloved wife was stolen by a dragon. I’ve filmed it from wall and made it with subtitles in english so that you could read whole story and enjoy nice music at the background.
Back in USSR The film-strips was a form of still image instructional multimedia, once commonly used for education or for entertainment. They were overtaken at the end of the eighties by VHS. In short, the “filmstrips” were illustrated stories that were projected on a canvas or wall. The sequence of images was printed on a perforated film strip and all frames were thematically linked to each other and are usually equipped with text.
In Soviet Union filmstrips were called Diafilms  and before introduction of VHS they were extremely popular among soviet people including Georgia. Lots of Diafilms of different subjects and different genres were released: educational, fairy tales and even some sci-fi ones.
As for me, I  saw much Diafilms when I was a kid , and I remembered about them only now when i had to think about the video for this track so while rediscovering the joy of Soviet Diaflims, i remembered and found this film called “Brave Vazha” and i choosed it because of my band mate who is also called Vazha and he’s quite brave :)
hope you enjoy the story  and the track as well.


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