“Silence shepherd”
Noise experiment which is made by gains that i took from condensed and unbalanced microphones by putting them in front of speakers and different places like in a big glass jar for example. the idea is to make noise without any instruments. only thing that I’m using during this live performance is my mixer from where I’m pumping specific frequencies to make it sound louder so that we could hear it and by controlling simply LO/MID/HI and Vol/Gain it is possible to change the notes and Vibrations of any signals that comes directly to my mixer. the origin statement of those noises are silent but for me silent does not exists at all, that’s why i call my self a “Silence Shepard” during the performance because I’m shepherd of the silence noises not to get them in cosmos unless we hear them and say farewell to them. because as i recently mentioned there are no silence and the  due to every noise is a vibration they can not disappear we just cant hear them. my aim was to show you how they sound if you simply level up the volume.

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